Scar Pads with Aloe Vera

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scar, scar away

Narben erzählen die Geschichten deines Lebens. Es gibt aber keinen Grund, diese mit jedem zu teilen. Unsere Narben Pads aus medizinischem Silikon sind mit hochwertiger Bio Aloe Vera angereichert. Reinige sie gelegentlich und behandle sie gut, dann wird dich jedes der Pads bis zu 15x verwöhnen. Je öfter du die Pads anwendest, desto glatter, weicher und weniger sichtbar wird deine Narbe. Alles klinisch erwiesen. Minimale Zutaten. Maximale Wirkung.
  • Effektive Narbenbehandlung
  • 100% medizinisches Silikon
  • Bio Aloe Vera
  • bis zu 15x verwendbar
  • vegan und tierversuchsfrei
  • made in Germany

scar, scar away

Scars tell stories of your life. But no need to show them to everyone. Our scar pads are made from pure medical grade silicone, enriched with high-quality aloe vera. Wash them every now and then and treat them well. You will get up to 15 treatments out of one pad. The more often you use them, the smoother, softer and less visible your scar will get. It is clinically proven. Minimal ingredients. Maximal effect.

  • effective scar treatment
  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • natural aloe vera
  • up to 15x reusable
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • made in Germany

Try to see your scar as a symbol that you have successfully survived a challenging situation. And yet it doesn't have to remind you every day. This requires a little care and patience:

  • Remove the scar pad from the packaging
  • Make sure your scar is clean and dry - without any cream residue.
  • Place the pad on your scar and wear it as continuously as possible daily for a period of several weeks.
  • Take off the pad once a day and clean it under running water - ideally with our Silicone Pad Cleanser
  • Replace the scar pad with a new one after 7-15 days. Each package contains 2 pieces
  • You will continue this procedure for 6-8 weeks.
  • soon you will recognize the smoothing and brightening effect

Our scar pad works best on fresh scars - but older scars can also be improved optically. The resulting micro-climate promotes the regeneration of your skin and the Bio Aloe Vera penetrates deep into the skin layers and supports the healing process.


dimethicone (as carrier material), aloe barbadensis leaf juice

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