Beauty Box Skincare

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smooth operator

This natural cosmetics trio accompanies you 24/7 and provides with super ingredients such as curcuma, papaya, algae and hyaluron for a smooth, well moisturized and radiant skin feeling.

  • Multitasking Facial Cream - curcuma matata 50ml
  • Smooth Skin Serum - yippie yaya papaya 30ml
  • Deep cleansing peeling - what a peeling 

Pamper your skin daily with the combination of serum and care and supplement your beauty routine 1-2 times a week with the cleansing peeling.

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better together

You buy a pad, your beauty buddies buy a pad, everyone gets glowing, smooth skin - and 10€! Share your secret tip against wrinkles with your friends and you can all enjoy 10€ off.