Which ingredients are contained in the silicone pads?

The pads themselves consist of pure medical grade silicone as carrier material, which has been enriched with particularly effective, low-molecular hyaluronic acid. They do not contain any preservatives, perfumes, parabens, alcohol or similar substances - only pure hyaluronic acid and natural additives such as organic aloe vera.

How exactly do the silicone pads work?

A microclimate is created between the silicone pad and the skin layer, which stimulates blood circulation and opens the pores. The hyaluron contained in the lower silicone layer dissolves from the pad through the moisture and heat of the skin and can thus be optimally absorbed by the skin. A long application period, the associated manual smoothing effect and the microclimate favour a particularly deep penetration of the hyaluron into the lower skin layers. Wrinkles are visibly reduced after the first application. A longer-term application is recommended for a lasting effect.

How often can I use the pads and how do I clean them properly?

The pads can be reused up to 30 times. For cleaning we recommend our antibacterial cleaning gel or a mild soap. This allows the silicone pad to be perfectly cleaned under running water. After that it should dry in the air and can be placed on the foil and then stored in the sachet bag.

How long should I wear the pads and when do I see a first effect?

Already after the first application and a minimum wearing time of one hour a visible effect can be seen. In order to achieve an optimal effect, we recommend regular use for at least one hour daily. However, the pads can also be applied much longer, for example overnight. The décolleté pad is particularly suitable for this.

In which areas can APRICOT products be used?

We offer silicone pads for the face (forehead, eyes and mouth) and the body (neck, décolleté, hands). Our scar pads of the Healthcare line can be used individually on the whole body, but are particularly frequently used for caesarean section scars. In addition, we offer beauty tapes for the ear holes, face and eyelids as well as patches made of cotton with hyaluron. As a complementary care we have developed a Cosmetics & Care line for face and body.

Do the new care products also contain hyaluronic acid?

Yes, our skin serum, face cream, shower gel and peeling also contain moisturising hyaluronic acid along with other super ingredients such as papaya or curcuma, organic aloe vera or algae extract.

Can I combine the pads with the care products?

If the care products are used after the application of the pads, this is a very good supplement. The skin should be dry and clean when the pads are applied. A facial tonic, but also water and some mild soap can be used to clean the skin. If the skin is dry, it is not absolutely necessary to clean the skin before use.

Are APRICOT products suitable for all skin types?

Basically, yes, but you should make sure, for example, that you cleanse oily skin before use so that the pads adhere better. When it comes to skin care products, you have to find out what is best for you individually and what your skin feels most comfortable with.

What can I imagine under the "Healthcare" line?

Our Healthcare products include Scar Pads with Natural Aloe Vera that help heal scar tissue, Nipple Pads for inflamed and sensitive nipples, especially during breastfeeding, as well as Pickle Patches and a Help Stick for pimples and other skin blemishes.