Mouth Pads with Hyaluron

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I love your smile

Lache so viel du willst - um deine Mundfalten kümmern wir uns. Unsere Anti-Aging Pads aus medizinischem Silikon sind mit besonders effektivem Hyaluron angereichert. Reinige sie gelegentlich und behandle sie gut, dann werden sie dich bis zu 30x verwöhnen. Je öfter du die Pads anwendest, desto glatter und straffer wird deine Mundpartie. Alles klinisch erwiesen. Minimale Zutaten. Maximale Wirkung.

I love your smile

Smile as much as you like - we take care of your smile lines. Our anti-aging pads are made from pure medical grade silicone, enriched with highly effective hyaluronic acid. Wash them every now and then and treat them well. You will get up to 30 treatments out of one pad. The more often you use them, the smoother your mouth will get. It is clinically proven. Minimal ingredients. Maximal effect.

  • clinically proven wrinkle reduction
  • effective with the first application
  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • up to 30x reusable
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • made in Germany

The mouth is always in motion and reflects all our emotions: laughter, scolding, wild discussion. But even if each of your wrinkles belongs to your personality, they do not have to be clearly visible. 

    • remove the mouth pads from the packaging
    • clean the skin area to be treated: it should be dry and clean - without makeup
    • place the pads on your upper lip to reduce small lip wrinkles
    • or use them right and left on your nasolabial folds, which you have gently pulled apart with your fingers before
    • use for at least an hour - the longer and more regularly you use it, the more lasting your skin will regenerate

After use, keep your pad on the foil and in the sachet bag. You can clean it occasionally with mild soap under lukewarm running water. You can also use our Silicone Pad Cleanserwhich is optimally adapted to the material. 

dimethicone (as carrier material), hyaluronic acid


Since the upper layer is completely impermeable to gas and air , the heat between the skin and the pad creates a microclimate. This makes the skin particularly receptive to active ingredients and retains moisture = fresh, plumped-up effect.


We use only pure, medical grade silicone as a carrier material. The only active ingredient is 100% hyaluron and is incorporated into the bottom pad layer. We hold an international patent for this ! You will recognize the molecules as small dots. Minimal ingredients. Maximum effect.


Smooth skin in 1 hour - fast, comfortable and lasting. The immediate effect is followed by a lasting reduction in wrinkles with regular use. All clinically proven.


Apply - Smooth - Reuse! Our silicone pads can be used up to 30 times - after that the hyaluron storage is used up. In contrast to many disposable products, this not only protects the environment but also your wallet.

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