Mouth patches with hyaluron

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keep smiling

Über Mimik Falten kannst du nur lachen und das am liebsten den ganzen Tag. Denn mit den „keep smiling“ Gesicht Patches von APRICOT klebst du sie einfach weg. Sie bestehen aus hochwertiger Baumwolle und sind mit besonders effektivem Hyaluron angereichert. Je öfter die Patches angewendet werden, desto glatter, straffer und entspannter wird die behandelte Gesichtsregion. Besonders wirksam sind sie bei einer täglichen Anwendung von mindestens 1h über 3-4 Wochen, noch besser wirken sie über Nacht.

  • 100 einmalig anwendbare Patches
  • exzellente Hautverträglichkeit
  • reduziert Nasolabial- und Oberlippen-Fältchen
  • die Mimik macht durch das Pflaster eine Pause und kann so entspannen 
  • das Hyaluron dringt optimal in die tieferen Schichten der Haut ein 

keep smiling

You can only laugh about expression wrinkles, and you love to do that all day long. Because with the "keep smiling" face patches from APRICOT you simply stick them away. They are made of premium cotton and are enriched with highly effective hyaluron. The more often the patches are applied, the smoother, firmer and more relaxed the treated facial area becomes. They are particularly effective when applied daily for at least 1h over 3-4 weeks and work even better overnight.

  • contains 100 single-use patches
  • excellent skin tolerance
  • effective nasolabial and upper lip wrinkle reduction
  • the facial expression "pauses" through the plaster and is thus relaxed
  • the hyaluronic acid can optimally penetrate the skin layer

You can only laugh at expression lines. Because with the face patches made of high-quality cotton, which are enriched with particularly effective hyaluron, you simply stick them away.

  • gently smoothen the area to be treated with your fingers
  • remove the protective film
  • place the patch on the area to be treated
  • you can also apply them criss-cross
  • enjoy the relaxing effect and action of hyaluronic acid
  • Wear the APRICOT Mouth Patches as long as you can and want to - but for at least one hour.

Our patches can be ideally applied during computer work or a cozy evening on the sofa, because you can hardly feel them. 

cotton, lycra, skin friendly adhesive enriched with hyaluronic acid

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