Don't look away - CHARITY Hyaluron Eye Pads

We have no words for what is happening right now! But we see the need, the desperation, the endless courage - we see you. As a brand, we want to use our reach to help.

Together we sit as APRICOT Munich, but our Team team is international: a bit German, a bit Slovakian and Moroccan, a bit Japanese, a bit American, a bit Hungarian and Kazakh - and just a little bit ukrainian too.

All together we have "we see you" eye pads pads - one in blue, one in yellow. So as not to look away.

With this we would like to offer active support, because 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the pads will be donated to the "Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V."the strong alliance of German aid organisations. In this way, the forces and financial resources can be bundled to help the people affected by the war in the Ukraine Emergency Aid The pads are used to help the people affected by the war and to support the refugees on their way to safe areas.

We would like to make a contribution and would be happy if you would join us.

Smooth skin in 1 hour

Our Reusable Pads made of pure medical silicone as a carrier material are enriched with particularly effective hyaluron. They achieve a clinically proven immediate effect after one hour of use. With regular use, you'll experience lasting wrinkle reduction and skin smoothness. Clean them occasionally and treat them well, then each pad will accompany you up to 30 times. The APRICOT pads are vegan, animal-free and made in Germany - regionally produced in Bavaria. Minimal ingredients. Maximum effect.


You want to do more?

Making a statement with the Charity Pads is just the first step for you? So many of you have asked if you can do more. This is where the financial support arrives bundled where it is needed: Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. for emergency aid in Ukraine.



Great action! Ordered straight away! I've been very satisfied with it for many years!

Manuela Engels 16 March, 2022

Only together are we strong. 💪🏻💕✌🏻

Alice 16 March, 2022

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