Your top 3 summer must-haves


Hyaluron is the moisture booster your skin deserves! When it comes to anti-aging, hyaluron is our secret superhero. Our reusable pads with 100% highly effective hyaluron ensure supple, refreshed and radiant skin - even on hot summer days.

BIO Aloe Vera

Regenerate your skin after sunny days with our aloe vera pads. Ideal for sensitive, dry and blemish-prone skin. And best of all: they are perfect as after-sun care to soothe and regenerate your skin after a day in the sun.


Use the Smooth Skin Serum with vitamin C and papaya extract for yourself! Particularly effective hyaluronic acid ensures smooth and radiant skin. Our exotic super ingredient, papaya extract, actively combats skin ageing. Hyaluron increases the activity of collagen fibers and vitamin C refines the skin's appearance.