Smooth skin in an hour! We can promise you that, because our patented hyaluronic pads work in a very special way: It is the interaction of material, active ingredient and microclimate that leads to clinically proven wrinkle reduction - quickly, comfortably and sustainably.

Success factor


What makes our pads so special is the microclimate they create. But how exactly does it work? 100% low-molecular hyaluronic acid is incorporated into the bottom layer of our pads. As the upper layer is completely impermeable to gas and air, the heat accumulates between the skin and the pad. This creates a microclimate. The pores open up and the skin becomes particularly receptive to active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, is stored and the skin is visibly smoothed. This mode of action ensures the famous wow effect after you remove the pad and the fresh, plumped-up effect.


  • The body's own warmth creates a microclimate between the skin and the pad.

  • Hyaluron can penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, moisturize and also promote collagen production.

  • Cell renewal and blood circulation are stimulated.

  • The contact time also ensures a manual smoothing effect.

  • The skin can regenerate optimally from the inside out, so that wrinkles are visibly reduced.