Smooth skin in 1 hour! We can promise you that, because our patented hyaluron pads have a very special mode of operation: It is the interaction of material, active ingredient and microclimate that leads to clinically proven wrinkle reduction - quickly, comfortably and sustainably.

Success factor


Climate change, microplastics? No - quite wrong! Our pads are made of pure, medical silicone. 100% low-molecular hyaluron has been incorporated into the lowest material layer. Since the upper layer is completely impermeable to gas and air , a microclimate is created by the heat between the skin and the pad. This makes the skin particularly receptive to active ingredients and stores moisture = fresh, plumped-up effect.

Silicone + 100% Hyaluron

Material & active ingredient

You think of silicone as made breasts and glued hair? With us it's different! We use only pure, medical grade silicone as a carrier material. The only active ingredient is 100% hyaluron and is incorporated into the bottom pad layer. We hold an international patent for this ! You will recognize the molecules as small dots. Minimal ingredients. Maximum effect.

Our CEO, Lea Christina Mener, on how it works



The body's own heat creates a microclimate between the skin & pad.

The hyaluron can penetrate the deep layers of the skin, moisturize and promote collagen production.

Cell renewal and blood circulation are stimulated.

The contact time additionally provides a manual smoothing effect.

The skin can regenerate optimally from the inside out, so that wrinkles are visibly reduced. Great, climate!